A_tistic is comprised of an “arts core” made up of five artists. We are a company with a co-operative, horizontal structure, and we often share tasks and roles.

We also collaborate with outside artists.

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tom middleditch

Tom is the Artistic Director of A_tistic, a writer/director/performer, and a neurodiversity and inclusion consultant. Tom is the Inclusion Coordinator for St Martins Youth Arts Centre. Tom has played key roles in A_tistic’s consulting, workshops, relaxed performance adaptation and theatrical productions - Tom was the co-creator of Them Aspies (2014, 2015), writer and director of Pinocchio Restrung (2016), and writer and co-producer of Alexithymia (2017). His additional directing credits include Twelve Angry Jurors (2017, co-directed with Sarah Brantino, produced by Oxagen Productions). Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Philosophy and Theatre) from Monash University. 

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jacinta anderson

Jacinta works predominantly as a freelance stage manager, but has a passion for design, performance and technical work, and brings these passions to bear as a member of A_tistic’s arts core. She is also employed as a technician at Theatre Works. Her recent stage management credits include the 2018 Tour of Always… Patsy Cline (Dir. Denny Lawrence, Hit Productions), The Market is a Wind-Up Toy (Dir. James Jackson, The Bloomshed), The Nightingale and the Rose (Dir. Stephen Nicolazzo, Little Ones Theatre), Fierce (Dir. Alice Darling, Theatre Works), Anti-Hamlet (Dir. Mark Wilson, New Working Group), Jack of Two Trades (Dir. Nate Gilkes, Centre for Theatre and Performance/Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music), The Moors (Dir. Stephen Nicolazzo, Little Ones Theatre/Red Stitch), Lifetime Guarantee (Dir. John Sheedy, Theatre Works), The Happy Prince (Dir. Stephen Nicolazzo, Little Ones Theatre), Trevor (Dir. Denis Moore, Red Stitch), and The River (Dir. John Kachoyan, Red Stitch).

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james matthews

James is an autistic self-advocate and theatre maker. James acts as A_tistic’s finance manager, and is currently completing his Bachelor of Economics and Finance at RMIT with a major in Macroeconomics. He became part of A_tistic as a devising performer in Them Aspies and has since contributed to the company as a co-director of Helping Hands, as a workshop designer/presenter, and as a dramaturge for Pinocchio and Alexithymia. He draws on collaborative negotiation and world-building techniques used in table-top roleplaying games to inform his approach to devised storytelling. James views theatre as an effective and delightful tool for the examination of the norms of society and, as necessary, the work toward their reformation. In conclusion, ABA must be destroyed.

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hannah aroni

In her arts life, Hannah is a writer, director, dramaturge and illustrator. In her civilian life, she started out in law, but was seduced by the glamour and prestige of social work, academia and disability advocacy. She is one of the token non-autistic members of A_ tistic’s arts core, co-directed Helping Hands, and contributes design, dramaturgy and workshop development to A_tistic. Hannah is also a Board Member of Pathways Melbourne, an organisation that supports people leaving or changing their relationship with their faith or religious community. Hannah’s other credits include dramaturgy for Quippings, writing for Passer Vulpes’ forthcoming fiction podcast Supernatural Sexuality with Doctor Seabrooke, and writing and direction for her debut play, Aphonia: Love Stories (MUST). Her nonfiction writing has appeared in Overland and SBS Life. She is endlessly fascinated by the complexities of interpersonal communication and the challenges of developing a utopian imagination. She is painfully sincere, and dedicated to making a world where people ask instead of guessing.

John Collopy Headshot 600 x 800.jpg

john collopy

John is a lighting and visual designer, whose work for the stage has been seen in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, and is a member of A_tistic’s arts core. John holds a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University, with a theatre major and performance minor. His recent lighting design credits include The Nose (The Bloomshed; winner of Sydney Fringe Festival Director's Award 2017), The Market is a Wind Up Toy (The Bloomshed, Critics Pick of Sydney Fringe 2018), Kilter (One Fell Swoop Circus), Wrath (Baker’s Dozen Theatre), Marie Antoinette (Heartstring Theatre), The Man Who Cannot Sleep (White Night/Magic Lantern Studio/Sanctum Theatre), Too Ready Mirror (Darebin Arts Speakeasy), Ironbound; Hurlyburly; and Shining City (Q44 Theatre). He has worked extensively as a lighting assistant and associate with Katie Sfetkidis on shows including Merciless Gods (Little Ones/Darebin Arts Speakeasy), The Happy Prince (Little Ones/La Mama), and The Moors (Little Ones/Red Stitch). He also seconded Emma Valente on JOAN (THE RABBLE/Theatreworks) and Little Emperors (Malthouse). The Happy Prince, The Moors, and JOAN were all nominated for 2018 Green Room Awards for Lighting Design in their respective categories.